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How to contact us

Phone: +1 (701) 630-7188


Managed IT customers

Create a ticket by phone

  1. Call (701) 630-7188
  2. Select option 2 for support
  3. Please allow up to five minutes for a member of our support team to answer. If there is no answer you will be prompted to leave a voicemail.

Please leave a detailed message describing your technical issue and provide a return phone number

Create a ticket by email

  1. Send an email to
  2. Describe your technical issue in detail—the more detailed you are the faster we can begin working on a resolution to your technical problem
  3. Include your name and the best phone number to reach you—providing a phone number will allow us to get in touch with you and discuss the problem faster
  4. You can check on the status of your support ticket in the customer portal

TIP: if you are accessing the support portal for the first time you have to reset your password by clicking the “forgot password” link on the login page of the customer portal.If you have never submitted a ticket via the tray icon or email you may not have an account and therefore will not be able to reset your password.

Use the Giga-Green tray icon

  1. Right-click on the Giga-Green tray icon (normally in the button left corner of your screen)

TIP:  if this is your first time using the tray icon and you don’t see it, try restarting your computer.  A reboot is necessary to complete the installation of the icon.

  1. Click on “Create New Ticket (Ctrl+F12)
  2. If this is the first time you are creating a ticket from the tray icon you will need to do some additional steps:
    1. Enter your full name and email address and then click on “Send Token”
    2. You will receive an email from Giga-Green Support with a code, enter that code in the “Confirmation Token” textbox and click save
  3. You will then be redirected to the Giga-Green customer portal
  4. Please fill out the Add Ticket form with as much detail as possible and hit “Save”
  5. You should receive a ticket creation confirmation email

Create a ticket through the support portal

After you have submitted a ticket by email or entered your personal information through the tray icon you can access the customer portal.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Click on “Add Ticket” in the top left corner
  3. Please fill out the Add Ticket form with as much detail as possible and hit “Save”
  4. You should receive a ticket creation confirmation email