This is not how we wanted to convince you to consider remote work

We are not public health experts in any capacity. If you have any questions or concerns about the risk of infection or the precautions that you or your organization should be taking contact your local public health authorities. The topic of “social distancing”, the temporary closure of some schools, and the cancellation of public events prompted us to write this blog post narrowly focused on topics that we are qualified to address, remote work (variously referred to as, “telecommuting”, “work from home”, etc.)

As an IT productivity and security focused company, there is little that Giga-Green can do to fight the spread of COVID-19 directly. But we can help organizations interested in giving their employees the option to work remotely. Giga-Green has been a remotely-only workplace from the beginning, and we have been exalting the benefits of remote work long before recent events highlighted this topic.

That is why Giga-Green will be providing free readiness assessments for organizations that may allow their employees to work from home in the near future.

What is included in a remote work readiness assessment?

  • Remote work security assessment (what security measures must be put in place? What information cannot leave the office?)
  • Hardware and software inventory & requirements gathering (are there tools that can only be used in the office?)
  • Employee responsibilities inventory—document daily responsibilities and identify potential roadblocks
  • Employee survey to determine suitability for remote work (internet connectivity, quiet work environment, etc.)

The approximate time investment to complete this assessment are a 30 minute phone call, and the completion of a short questionnaire by organization staff.

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What does remote work look like?

Giga-Green uses Microsoft 365 and other SaaS products provide our employees with a secure, productive, and 100% remote work environment.

Office 365 is the keystone of our environment. It provides email, personal cloud storage, a company intranet, and many other tools. Teams (included in Office 365) is a collaboration platform that has full telephone and video conferencing with chat, group threads, and the ability to integrate hundreds of third-party applications.

Intune is a mobile device management platform that secures every device with company data. It also allows us to set device policies and deploy applications. Combined with Azure Active Directory, we are able to restrict access to documents and other customer information. We can set policies that identify potentially sensitive information and encrypt them automatically.

Remote Desktop—there are several ways to accomplish this, and we use more than one. Remote desktop allows employees to connect securely back to the office through a VPN and access a desktop as though they were in the office. This is useful for applications that can only be accessed in the office.

There is a lot more to working remotely than the solutions above, and we can help you leverage them all.

Want to see what remote work looks like?

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