Custom Scripting

Every datacenter is different and there is no GUI-based tool that can do everything—that is where Giga-Green custom scripting comes in. Giga-Green creates custom PowerShelland Azure CLIscripts to automate repetitive tasks and accomplish things that the GUI just can’t do.

As your datacenter migrates tothe cloud (piecemeal or in stages) the need for automation only increases. Azure VMs and App Services can be templated for rapid deployment. They can also be spun up and down automatically to save resources i.e. money.

There are also many customizations to Office 365 that can only be accomplished with PowerShell or doing so would require significant manual labor. For instance applying custom licensing plans in bulk to users.

Giga-Green can also create Windows Batch Scripts and VBScript scripts when the situation calls for it.

And for the Linux and macOS people out there, Giga-Green is there for you with Bash!

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