Cloud Hosting

Giga-Green Technologies is a born in the cloud organization and we’ve mastered the Microsoft Azure platform to bring the most reliable and robust solutions to our customers. This very website is built on top of Azure App Services, utilizing daily automated backups with endless scalability!

To all our open source followers out there, we didn’t forget about you either!

Azure App Services

Do you need to build a quick website? Need WordPress in a flash? We can help! Azure App Services are great for quick website projects. Whether you are a expert in ASP.NET and IIS (internet information services) or an apache junky, you can get started with your own slice of digital landscape in moments! Built in tools to App Services allows for you to auto scale your website to meet your customer demands while minimizing hosting costs during off hours.

Don’t need a full web page? Then check out Azure Logic Apps to build simple and repeatable tools to simplify any workflow!

Looking to get rid of your Name Servers? Azure DNS Zones are completely customizable and cost-effective replacements to any DNS server!

Azure Infrastructure Hosting

Tired of physical servers and physical problems? It is time to move to the cloud!  Azure based servers are the perfect replacement to any aging or end of life server and can avoid costly upfront expenditures on new hardware.

Azure gives you the ability to provision servers on a global scale that can be nearest to your location. Windows Servers, Windows 10, SQL Servers, Ubuntu, Red Hat and more are all available on-demand with the ability to scale to meet your growing compute requirements.

Still need on-premises servers. No problem, hybrid datacenters are truly the future. Azure based disaster recovery, powered by Azure Data Protection Manager and Azure Backup, ensure that your on-premise resources are never in jeopardy and you can continue business operations in any scenario. Reach out to plan a business continuity plan for your organization today!

Databases (on demand!)

Do you have an on-premises SQL server environment? Did you know that it is cheaper to host a Azure SQL instance? You automatically don’t have to pay for the Windows Server licenses!

SQL not your style? It is time to bring your CosmoDB, MariaDB, and MySQL databases to Azure. Azure managed databases and Azure SQL both have the added benefits of automatic scalability, integrated backups, and built-in metrics to get the most out of your data.

Azure Sentinel

You didn’t think we would forget about security, would you? Of course not! Let us introduce Azure Sentinel, Microsoft’s SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform.

If you’ve got too many logs, from many individual sources, and need to make sense of them all, then Azure Sentinel is for you. Azure Sentinel pulls in information from across the Microsoft cloud platforms and your alert systems to give you a unified look into your organizational security health and allows you to draw insight from all your data sources at once. After you’ve gathered your logs, using the power of Azure Automation, you can build automatic response solutions to any identifiable and unwanted security anomalies. Sound complicated? It is! But we would love to help you build a plan to monitor your organization and keep your employees safe!

Azure Identity

You may have heard of Azure Active Directory as part of the Office 365 realm. But did you know your can utilize Azure Active Directory for your applications and authentications? This means that you can easily bring the functionality of Azure AD to any of your web based applications. Integrate with the rest of Office 365 with Single-Sign-On (SSO) capabilities and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to allow for seamless and secure integration to any hosted SaaS solution!

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