Identity Management

One of the most common issues we come across in current IT environments are unnecessary accounts that have been created across various applications and cloud services. Often, individual users will have several different accounts and passwords as a result.  Identity Management is the ability to gain control and maintain user accounts and access across all required applications. This can be a tough challenge without certain things like Single-Sign-on or across multiple domains/forests.

Our engineers can build you a custom Identity Consolidation plan to move your organization to one account per user to access your required applications. Multiple Active Directories you would like to bring together? No problem. Does your Student Information System not align with your Active Directory? We can merge user logons to a singular service of Azure AD to bring ease of management to one location.

Identity Management isn’t the shiniest tool in the shed, but it is probably one of the most important. Unmonitored and still active user accounts in various services represent individual security risks that can be exploited by outside attackers. Don’t skimp out on your employee turnover!

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