Single-Sign On

Sick and tired of managing an OneNote full of your passwords? It is time to implement Single-Sign-on in your environment to simply user log ins and authentication means.

Using Single-Sign-on in conjunction with Multi-Factor Authentication, allows you to remain secure across your enterprise by enforcing additional security checks around your critical data.

The key benefits of using the Azure ADfor Identity and Access Management are:

  • Hybrid Cloud identity which sync your on-premises AD environment to Azure AD
  • Easy and Quick provisioning and access management of thousands of SaaS applications catalog
  • Not in the catalog? Add your custom secure Application proxy and manage SSO yourself!
  • Cloud-based self-service password reset for your employees
  • Protect and monitor the SaaS applications from multiple sign-in anomalies such as Sign in from unknown sources, multiple failures, multiple locations etc.
  • Reporting on any irregularities such as unknown IP addresses, suspicious activity, irregular sign ins etc.
  • Multi-factor authentication to protect your apps, reduce risks and ensure compliance requirements are met

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