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Office 365 has become the most cost effective and secure way to manage your Information and data needs.

Office 365 one of the largest cloud platforms with ever expanding capabilities and Giga-Green puts these capabilities to the challenge. Giga-Green was born in the cloud and have mastered the Microsoft cloud offerings to run a successful, cost-effective, and scalable business.

Office Suite

We didn’t forget about the Office Suite! Another common entry point to Office 365 is the downloadable Office suite applications, for example: Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote.

The downloadable Office suite from Office 365 holds certain significant advantages over previous versions and even the latest Office 2019. Giga-Green has been previously asked to identify these advantages and are happy to share our thoughts!

The first is the sheer number of device installs Office 365 versions allow over the traditional (.msi) Office installations. Office 365 click-to-run versions offer up to 15 different devices per user broken into 5 PC/Mac installs, 5 mobile devices/smartphones, and 5 tablets (iOS/Android). This gives you and your employees the freedom to work from home or the office with the applications they rely on! Special note here, you do in fact need Office 365 if you want to use the full mobile versions at all!

The second clear advantage relies in a more nuance of cloud applications and software-as-a-service, but like all great advantages, it involves an element of security! Office 365 is cloud connected and continually updates itself. This lends to a crucial security aspect of software updates and maintaining the latest patches. Office 365 does this work for you so you no longer have to update versions and automates application security on your behalf!

The third advantage and to some of our customers, the most important advantage, are the additional tools that Office 365 offers alongside the traditional Office suite. Next level productivity, takes next level tools, and Office 365 offers these to get the most out of your software platform. Tools including OneDrive for Business, Planner, Flow, Forms, Bookings, MileIQ, and Sway are only available with the cloud solutions and not the traditional 2019 versions.

Exchange Online

E-mail hosting is the most often the entry point into Office 365 because of Exchange Online’s superior e-mail functionality and expansive capabilities along with minimal costs. This has led Giga-Green to migrated countless e-mail accounts to Exchange Online by customer choice and demand. With built-in spam protection, it is an instant two for one e-mail solution with features that act as a front line of defense against cyber threats.

E-mail isn’t the only thing Office 365 excels at. The platform is designed to be a collaboration space for business units and teams of any size. SharePoint Online is the perfect replacement to any traditional file server or replacements to the expensive alternatives of Dropbox/box. SharePoint allows your workers to share documents internally and externally while offering co-authoring capabilities for simultaneous document collaboration. Giga-Green has developed SharePoint to solve various problems including custom ticketing solutions, shared time-off and event calendars, secure document repositories, intranet systems with departmental access, and customized workflows to meet unique business challenges.

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OneDrive for Business

We would love to discuss all these solutions in-depth with you, but our top picks for additional tools are OneDrive for Business, for its almost never-ending personal file storage with versioning control. Microsoft Planner is a task management solution to delegate project task and track progress within your business teams. Lastly, Microsoft Bookings brings your customer to you on their time table. Schedule some time with us now to see how Bookings add self-service to any business!

Giga-Green cannot emphasis cyber and data security enough and Office 365 lends itself to this ideal. Productivity tools are meaningless if your organization work and integrity isn’t kept intact. On top of all things mention already, the security tools available inside of the Office 365 and Azure platforms are second to none and involve whole conversations, conversations that we are happy to facilitate, around protecting your work and ensuring no one else profits from your hard labor!


The next cornerstone of the Office 365 platform is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the product successor to Skype for Business and offers even more unique ways to bring individuals together to work seamlessly. Internalizing and privatizing your company communications gives insight into day to day activities at the employee level. Video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities offered by Teams, are vital to any remote workforce looking to bring together their employees.

Teams is also expansive enough to replace any traditional phone system or VoiP system that brings your telecommunications seamless to all your devices. This is true consolidation of your systems into a singular, easy to use, high-functionality Unified Communications solution. With toll-free, domestic, and international calling plans available, there are solutions to meet your telephony needs of any size!

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