Company data and documents are only as useful when they can be organized and found quickly and efficiently. Giga-Green SharePoint consulting can help your organization get the most out of SharePoint.

The benefits of SharePoint

File server replacement

Is your organization looking for a way to retire an old file server? SharePoint has the features of a file server that you need. And the features you need that a file server doesn’t have. SharePoint is a cloud or hybrid solution that allows users to access files securely without the need for a VPN. Users are authenticated by Azure Active Directory which can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with your local AD via Azure AD Connect. Files in SharePoint are encrypted at rest and protected within Microsoft’s highly secure datacenters.

Local file sync

Workstations (both Windows 10 and macOS) with the OneDrive agent can sync SharePoint document libraries with the local file system. Once a document library has been configured to sync it appears in File Explorer or Finder as a folder. Users can open, edit, and collaborate with the full fledged Office applications. It also allows for easy editing of file types which do not have a web editor such as PDFs.

Version history

If you have never saved over an important document, you have never used a computer! Maybe that’s just me… When you store a Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc) document in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business you get versioning! Office documents are versioned so that you can always go back and retrieve the version of a document from days or weeks ago.


SharePoint is the ultimate collaboration platform. When documents are in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business users can share them with other users (only when appropriate—with data loss prevention) multiple users can edit a document at the same time. Users can see where each other’s cursor is so they can collaborate on a document quickly and easily.

What Giga-Green offers


Deploying SharePoint is easy, deploying SharePoint well is not so easy. With Giga-Green SharePoint consulting your SharePoint will start off on the right foot. With user permissions configured to reflect your organizational and security needs.


You can turn SharePoint in to just about anything with the right SharePoint developer. That is where Giga-Green consulting comes in, we can can help you do what you need to do with SharePoint.


Collaboration is important but it is also important to ensure that sensitive information is not exposed or shared with the wrong people.

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