What is a CSP?


Microsoft is looking to pare down the number of licensing programs significantly over the next decade. The Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) will be one of the few programs left, and is the best program for those looking to embrace the cloud.

Microsoft utilizes its Partner Network extensively. This is not a new practice. It has always been the responsibility of LARs, VARs and AERs to provide direct customer support. Microsoft has several programs, including the Cloud Solution Provider program, which transform Partners into first and second tier support. Only service failure issues are addressed by Microsoft directly and require initial troubleshooting by the service provider. If you have a good partner, and you’re using them right, they are already doing this for you. Partners have hands-on experience, day in and out, building and troubleshooting live environments. Microsoft is banking on the CSPs to harness the power of that experience and deliver first-rate service to customers.


Microsoft is starting to phase out on-premises solutions (Azure Stack excluded). Besides pay-per-incident support engineers, these products are getting left behind on pre-sales and consulting levels. Partners have these specializations and on-premises technologies are becoming niche skill sets. Products like System Center already require deep knowledge and expertise. With Microsoft focusing most of its efforts on cloud development, finding a good partner is imperative.

Partners can also support 3rd party products. It is difficult to migrate off of existing platforms to Microsoft solutions. The problem lies in the transition. Microsoft doesn’t know how other products integrate into their solutions; it isn’t their responsibility to know this either. Microsoft wipes their hands clean of other technologies but they still need to be supported. Only your Partners can take the time to develop the correct migration plan.

This is important information for all those looking to invest in an IT provider. Before choosing your service or license provider, ask about the support commitments. Who will be available to help when something goes wrong? We at Giga-Green Technologies are already Direct Cloud Solution Providers. We have first-hand experience working both internally and externally with Microsoft personnel. This puts us in a unique position to provide comprehensive coverage, advice and services. Let us assist you with your digital transformation. Reach out to us at info@giga-green.com for more information!

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