Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

At Giga-Green Technologies, we do not mess around with security! We only recommend top Anti-Virus protection.

Anti-virus is the first line against all known attack vectors out there, but without more, you are still at risk. This means it is time to take your Anti-Virus protection to the next level and Microsoft Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is the new leading Anti-virus and rightfully so.

Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

At Giga-Green, we only stand behind Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. This expands your base coverage of anti-virus to the cloud. With latest machine learning capabilities globally integrated, you are first to receive the latest updates for new viral outbreaks closing the gap on zero day attacks / exploits.

How and why does Microsoft Windows ATP stand out? Because of its cloud integration capabilities. Not only has Microsoft built a global machine learning anti-viral engine, but they’ve linked those capabilities to your direct environment with automated remediation and company resource lock outs.

Windows Defender ATP also integrates with your SIEM (Security Information/Event Management) system to let you build custom threat response policies.  Finally, an antivirus that communicates with your security architecture!

Windows ATP is ISO 27001 certified to ensure that not only your device is protect, but your information is being protected at the same time. User behavioral analytics are used to increase safety while web browsing and effectively reduce cyber threats.

Windows ATP really is the complete package as you can track organizational compliance and security with the Microsoft Secure Score solutions that provide guided help on improving security posture. Ask us about our Secure Score!

BitDefender macOS anti-virus

Yes, even Mac computers need Anti-virus. It a myth that Mac computers are less vulnerable to exploits. Most organizations support both Windows and Mac devices so that is why complete coverage is needed. And it needs to communicate with Windows Defender ATP to be effective, Let us introduce BitDefender!

BitDefender has standalone capabilities as well, but ties into Windows Defender ATP security environment for uniform security monitoring. This extends your Antivirus and remediation efforts across all your organizational devices with continuous insight into a singular management pane. Did we across all your organization devices? We did! And that is because BitDefender offers support for Linux operating systems as well!

What Giga-Green offers

Deployment & implementation

Need to deploy anti-virus but not sure how? Giga-Green can help you select the right anti-virus for your organization. From there we can help your organization deploy that solution. We can also provide monitoring and security consulting to compliment it.

Anti-virus monitoring

In order to protect against the latest threats, anti-virus definitions need to be kept up to date. Giga-Green can help you keep virus definitions up to date across your organization. We can also help you interpret the warnings and other diagnostic messages that your anti-virus spits out.

Subscriptions & support

Giga-Green is a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and have transacted thousands of Microsoft cloud subscription licenses. Our Microsoft licensing specialists will help you determine which subscriptions you need to empower members of your organization at the lowest cost.

Cyber Security Assessment from Giga-Green Technologies

Giga-Green has created a self-service cyber security assessment you can use to gauge your organizations level of cyber security preparedness:

Cyber Security Assessment from Giga-Green Technologies

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