Multi-factor Authentication

What is the single most effective measure against protecting your organization from outsider attackers? Adding multi-factor authentication to your critical applications and data! Consequently, Microsoft has crunched the numbers and MFA is 99.9% effective in preventing account breaches!

Multi-factor authentication, or requiring more than one way for a user to identify themselves, increases security tremendously. Passwords used only by themselves expose a single point of failure that is susceptible to many known exploits. These exploits include brute force attacks, shoulder surfing, e-mail phishing attacks, and credential harvesting tactics. However, Azure Active Directory has the flexibility and capability to bring Multi-factor authentication to Office 365, legacy applications, SaaS solutions, and network logons. Similarly, it can act as an independent MFA provider for custom web applications.

Possible Multi-factor Authentication Requirements:

Alternate E-mail setup with verification code

Phone call or text message with verification code

Microsoft Authenticator App  – digital security token or push notifications

Conditional Access based on user location

Device Managed and Compliant (Requires Intune)

Additionally, Azure AD offers Azure AD Identity protection that adds automated remediation to suspicious activities including:
  • Leaked credentials
  • Unusual sign-in attempts including from infected devices, unfamiliar locations, and anonymous IP addresses
  • Sign-ins from IP addresses with unusual activities
  • Impossible travel scenarios

Lastly, don’t forget about the latest in Bio-metric integration to bring authentication to the highest levels! Windows Hello for Business can integrate to allow for fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. Don’t need Bio-metrics but still want ease of use? Look at integrating the Microsoft Authenticator app to enforce MFA while giving users flexibility in how they authenticate.

Cyber Security Assessment from Giga-Green Technologies

Giga-Green has created a self-service cyber security assessment you can use to gauge your organizations level of cyber security preparedness:

Cyber Security Assessment from Giga-Green Technologies

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