Embrace Mobility. Enhance Productivity. Improve Security.

Enterprise mobility provides a business with tools and technologies to conduct business anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.

Enterprise Mobility is a set of tools, processes and technology that enables mobile devices, wireless networks, and related services to be used for mobile cloud computing in a business context. As the name suggests, enterprise mobility refers to leveraging mobile communications to keep the enterprise connected.

Enterprise mobility allows employees to be connected, whether on site or off site with the help of smartphones, tablets, wireless IP networks, managed services, and cloud computing. With the perpetual battle for time in the workplace, being able to provide employees with tools to work while on-the-go is one of the biggest assets a company can possess. As a result, all location barriers are removed and the enterprise is more flexible and responsive.

Giga-Green Technologies combines the latest in mobile technology, methods of engagement, and system integration — to deliver results that matters, and business value that lasts beyond a few business cycles. We offer a complete spectrum of services:

  • Consulting and implementation of SMB and Enterprise IT solutions
  • Enterprise security solutions including:
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Secure Access
    • Multi-factor Authentication
    • Single Sign-on
    • Cloud Apps Security Broker solutions
  • System Center implementations and continuous management
  • E-mail Migrations – moving to a hosted e-mail solution freeing up data and scaling issues
  • Cloud Migrations – migrations to Azure or other public clouds for hosting infrastructure and platforms
  • Back up and Disaster Recovery – hosted backup solutions with D/R failover protection
  • Office 365 deployments
  • CRM deployments and development
  • SharePoint deployment and development
  • Virtualization – Design and implementation of virtualization strategies including VDI/VDA, and hosted virtualized applications as well as automation of virtualized environments.
Micrsoft System Center

The Microsoft System Center Suite builds on the Microsoft platform and includes operating system and application knowledge to provide solutions that are optimised for Windows and extensible to customization scenarios and third-party applications.

SC Configuration Manager (SCCM)– SCCM “comprehensively assesses, deploys, and updates servers, client computers, and devices —- across physical, virtual, distributed, and mobile environments…” including:

  • Managed and controlled updates,
  • Application deployment,
  • Imaging, and
  • Integration with Microsoft Intune for Mobile Device Management/

SC Operations Manager (SCOM) – Server Alert Management system – building log queries to create automated runbooks with integration into Azure Automation

SC Virtual Machine Manager – Its Microsoft V-sphere, used for creating and managing large virtualized environments

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is a comprehensive cloud solution to address your consumerization of IT, Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), and cloud SaaS challenges.

Elements of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite is built on the following Microsoft cloud platforms:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium for Identity and Access Management
  • Microsoft Intune for Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • Azure Rights Management for document and data security

The key benefits of using the Azure AD for Identity and Access Management are:

  • Hybrid Cloud identity which sync your on-premises AD environment to Azure AD
  • Provisioning and access management of thousands of SaaS applications
  • Cloud-based self-service password reset for your employees
  • Protect and monitor the SaaS applications from multiple sign-in anomalies such as Sign in from unknown sources, multiple failures, multiple locations etc.
  • Reporting on any irregularities such as unknown IP addresses, suspicious activity, irregular sign ins etc.
  • Multi-factor authentication to protect your apps, reduce risks and ensure compliance requirements are met.

The key benefits of using the Microsoft Intune for MDM and MAM are:

  • Available across multiple platforms to provide a single console for deployment and managing of the apps across devices.
  • Provide a company portal for enrollment of devices and installing corporate apps on devices.
  • Provide a comprehensive settings management for mobile devices to prevent unauthorized leakage of information.
  • Ensure valid certificates, VPN/WiFi profiles are provided on successful enrollment of the mobile devices.
  • Restrict access to the corporate data, when the device is unenrolled, lost, stolen or user has left the organization.
  • Control the editing permissions within the approved applications.
  • Integrate with the on-premises or cloud configuration manager.

The key benefits of using the Azure Rights Management  for document and data security are:

  • Integrate with your existing file sharing infrastructure such as Outlook, SharePoint, Exchange Online etc.
  • Encryption policy for the files, both inside and outside the cloud environment.
  • Share files safely across the cloud or within your organization.
  • Integrate information protection into your native applications with an easy-to-use software development kit (SDK).