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Office 365

Office 365 combines Microsoft’s Office Suite with Microsoft’s online services (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, etc.). This is a powerful combination that give your organization a secure, productive, and mobile workplace.

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Are you looking for assistance with an Exchange Server or Exchange Online project? Our technicians can help you execute your project according to the industry best practices. We will ensure that your project is completely while keeping your organizations data secure and within budget.

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The future of Microsoft IM, presence, and VoIP is Teams. Our technicians can help you set up Teams the right way from the start so you don’t have to clean up the mess later. Or, if you have already started using Teams, we can help you implement the most productive features and keep your data secure.

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Formerly Enterprise Mobility and Security, EM+S is a suite of security and management products. Our technicians can help you implement cloud identity, multi-factor authentication, conditional access, mobile device management, data protection, document tracking, and Advanced Threat Protection.

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Office Suite

Subscriptions and licensing – our Microsoft licensing specialists can help you select and source the licensing you need to put the Office Suite on all your workstations and laptops.

Office deployment – do you need to install or upgrade the Office suite on more than one device? Our technicians can help you deploy Office with the Office Deployment Tool (ODT), Microsoft Intune, or System Center Configuration Manager.

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Is your intranet getting a little stale? Are you sick of supporting old file shares and all of the headaches that go along with it? Let’s move things to SharePoint Online! With SharePoint Online you get co-authoring with Microsoft Office (on the web and desktop), the ability to ‘check-out’ documents so that no one can edit them while you are working on something, and to share documents with convenient links.

Beyond that SharePoint is the base upon which several other services are build such as OneDrive for Business and Teams.

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Skype for Business

Skype for Business (a completely different application from the consumer version of Skype) is approaching ‘end of life’, that is to say Microsoft will not be supporting it much longer. The future of Microsoft IM, presence, and VoIP is Microsoft Teams.

But in the meantime, we are here to help you support your organization’s investment in Skype for Business. We can help you deploy Skype for Business as well as configure all of the call trees and other features you need to serve your clients.

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Windows 10

Windows 10 Deployments

Windows 7 is approaching ‘end of life’, meaning that Microsoft will not be supporting after January 14th, 2020. Giga-Green can help you get all of your devices upgraded to Windows 10 while minimizing expenses and reducing down time. This can include deployment via System Center Configuration Manager or a number of alternatives.

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Intune is a powerful tool for managing Windows, macOS, and mobile devices; let us help you unleash that power. Whether it is deployment or advanced configuration we are here you help!

We have deployed Intune for customers ranging from schools and enterprise. Let us help you keep your organization productive and secure!

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Cloud Hosting

‘Going Serverless’

The cloud is no longer a new thing, and so we can say with confidence that your organization has moved some part of it’s business to the cloud. Now some businesses are taking that a step farther and moving all of their server infrastructure to the cloud. This simplifies IT operations and converts significant capital investments into a monthly or yearly operational expense.

We can help you move VMs, domain controllers, file servers to the cloud. We can also migrate some server roles and applications into the cloud. For example some organizations no longer need Active Directory and would be better served with Azure Active Directory.

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Azure Infrastructure

Do you have aging server infrastructure? Performance is starting to degrade and it’s racking up a big electricity bill every month. And you are just waiting for an important drive to go. Or perhaps it is just taking up too much space. These are just some of the scenarios where Azure Infrastructure makes sense.

Azure Infrastructure is also perfect for when you need a lot of compute power but only for a short period of time, or once a month. With Azure Infrastructure you can spin up a server only pay for the the minutes that it is running (though storage costs still apply).

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Azure Backup / Disaster & Site Recovery

Do you have mission critical server infrastructure that you can’t move to the cloud for one reason or another? That is where Azure backup and Giga-Green disaster and site recovery services come in. We can help you deploy Azure Backup and configure the retention settings that fit your business. We can also set up the level of geo-replication that you need.

And then in the unfortunate circumstance that you need to recover after a disaster or hack we can help you get up and running fast!

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Hosted Desktops

There are several scenarios that call for hosted desktops: 1) a need to host an application securely in the cloud so that it is only accessible inside your network, 2) you need a high performance desktop that can be mobile, or can be scaled up for infrequent needs, 3) scalability—with hosted desktops you can spin up and down as many desktops as you need, 4) OpX vs CapX—hosted desktops have lower hardware requirements meaning that you can keep using your older devices and pay for the increased performance on an operational expense basis.

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Identity Management

Local Active Directory / GPO Review

Is your Active Directory getting a little messy? Giga-Green can review your Active Directory and document all of the various Group Policies that you have out there. From there will use scripting and other tools to clean things up quickly and efficiently.

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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication is the single most important step that you can take to secure your company data. Giga-Green can help you implement MFA wherever possible to secure your company.

Please, please, please consider implementing MFA. Even if you work with a competitor, it is the single most important step you can take.

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Single Sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on brings both security and convenience. It gives you central administration of applications that support it and employees get the convenience of only having to enter their password once. Doesn’t that sound nice?

And if you have an IT help desk it should dramatically reduce the number of password resets that you have to assist with each month. You can also increase security by implementing minimum password requirements.

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Automation & Datacenter Management

Microsoft System Center Suite

Do you want to be able to manage everything from a single place? Do you want to be able to re-image multiple computers at the same time without touching them?Then the System Center suite is the tool for you. The suite consists of several products: Configuration Manager, Data Protection Manager, Endpoint Protection, Operations Manager, Orchestrator, Service Manager, Virtual Machine Manager.

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Custom Scripting

If you have any bulk operations that you need to do or niche configurations you need to do that are only available from the command line, we are there for you. Giga-Green has expertise creating scripts in PowerShell, Bash, and other scripting languages and platforms. Don’t use copy and paste, use Giga-Green!

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Vulnerability Assessments

Internal Assessment

During an internal assessment Giga-Green will scan your network from the inside using Greenbone Security Manager for over 50,000 know security exploits. Scans can be done once or continual scanning can be set up.

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External Assessment

During an external assessment we will approach things from the outside to let you know what external threats can see about your organization and find out what has been left exposed. We also offer scans that can tell you about known exploits.

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Training Services

In-house Server Training

Even the experts need continual training to stay sharp, apprentices and journeymen need training before they can become masters. We can create a customized training package for your IT staff on advanced topics. Our specialties are Exchange, SharePoint, System Center, and Intune.

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Cyber Security Training

After multi-factor authentication, awareness is one of the best ways to prevent cyber security attacks. Many of the most recent infamous breaches came from compromised credentials that came from a ‘phishing’ attack. Meaning that better user awareness could have prevented the breach. That is where Giga-Green comes in, we can held remote or in-person trainings with end-users.

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Office 365 Training

Office 365 can only unlock as much productivity and security as end-users are aware of and can take advantage of. That is where our Office 365 training services come in, we can hold remote or in-person trainings for end-users and administrators.

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Finance and Compliance

QuickBooks Support

You can’t make money if you can’t invoice or receive payments. Giga-Green will support your QuickBooks environment so that you can keep making money. Whether you are using QuickBooks on the desktop or a server or QuickBooks Online we are here to help!

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Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software audits don’t need to be scary, if you have a Giga-Green licensing exert at your side. We can also help you in a non-audit context to get a handle on what you own and what you might need to get properly licensed. You may be spending more than you need to on software licensing.

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