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Are you looking for fast, courteous, and effective technical support and assistance? Then Giga-Green managed IT services are for you!

Efficient Tech Support

Fast, courteous solutions for effective operations.

Proactive Security

Security-first approach for data accessibility and productivity.

Strategic IT Management

Security-first approach for data accessibility and productivity.

What is Managed IT?

Businesses rely on technology to operate smoothly and maintain a productive work force. Naturally, as businesses grow and change, they need to adapt new technologies to fulfill their needs. Further, an outstanding managed IT provider positions themselves as a strategic partner to your business. We focus on maintaining day to day operations in addition to the long term improvement guidance and architectural planning. In order to provide that, we offer a variety of options that give consistent and thorough end user coverage.

Technical challenges take many forms including e-mail access, Wi-fi and network interruptions, printer failures, and software corruption. Thus, Giga-Green seeks to understand your business in order to ensure that technology isn’t an issue. Then, if any interruptions do occur, we provide quick resolutions to restore your business continuity.

Giga-Green, located in the heart of the Silicon Prairie Fargo, ND, understands the challenges of any IT environment and how devastating technical issues can be. We take proactive approaches to resolving these issues before they occur and provide strategic business operational guidance. Consequently, our expertise has grown us into to a cost-effective nationwide Information Technology provider.

Not ready for your own internal IT staff or looking to augment your current IT skillsets? Then Giga-Green can provide a valued added team member in resolving any day to day technical issues that may arise.

Also known as…

Managed IT goes by several by several different names. Probably the most widely used is managed service provider, commonly referred to by it’s acronym, MSP. But we prefer to use the term, “managed IT” instead. Ultimately, we find that managed IT is more descriptive.

“Outsourced IT” is also a common synonym. This can refer to both on-shore (within the United States) and off-shore (outside of the United States) outsourcing. Giga-Green does not outsource anything off-shore.

The Benefits of Managed IT

Increased Security
Giga-Green takes a security-first stance. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your organization’s data is secure, but also accessible to you when you need it.
Increased Productivity
Technology is only useful when it allows you to get more done with less. Giga-Green is constantly evaluating the latest technology trends. Consequently, we know what will help you get more done. Don’t be distracted by the shiny and expensive new toy.
IT Costs
Predictable IT Costs
Giga-Green charges based on the number of users in your organization. Hence, the IT cost of hiring a new employee is very predictable. In addition, we offer customizable job profiles. These allow you to only pay for the subscriptions and licenses your employees need.
Response Time
Predictable Response Time
Every managed IT contract from Giga-Green comes with a service level agreement (SLA). This states in plain language the response times you can expect from us. Consequently, you are not left guessing.

Other Benefits of Managed IT

At the start, All Giga-Green Managed IT customers undergo an environment assessment. First, we gather and assess your data and documentation for your specific business needs. Finally, we assess all existing equipment for any health and security issues. This is an important step towards realizing your technological vision.

With our regularly scheduled business and technology meetings, never feel out of touch with your technology. Above all, we want to maintain a frequent and open dialogue with every customer to ensure they are getting the most out of their technology.

Most importantly, Giga-Green reduces costs of downtime and business interruption. In short, knowing how your business operates enables us to ensure operations keep running smoothly.

What is Included in Managed IT?

We offer 24/7 monitoring capabilities with emergency response to ensure your business remains fully functional and your employees productive.

Included in all Giga-Green Managed IT

IT Strategy
We will help you build a long-term and sustainable IT strategy that will help you save money and get the most out of your IT investments. With managed IT, what you are ultimately paying for is expertise and experience. In short, learn from mistakes that other people and organizations have made without making the same mistakes. Having a plan is the most effective way to save your business a lot of money.
Monthly Reporting
Each month you will receive a report of the tickets opened on behalf of your organization and details of the resolution. You can also request a report containing all of your PC’s hardware and software characteristics. As well, you will receive alerts when that hardware experiences issues like low hard drive space or overheating. We will also hold monthly conference calls with you to discuss how the month went and what we can do to improve.
Service Level Agreements
Service level agreements are a simple way to reduce stress and formalize IT response times. SLA’s are negotiated ahead of time and mutually agreed to by both parties. Certainly, they are well documented so when things hit the fan you know exactly what you can expect. Critical business impact – within one (1) business hour Regular business impact – within four (4) business hours

Desktop Managed Services

Desktop Support
Small desktop problems can have a big impact on productivity. However, when you have managed IT from Giga-Green, users can simply call or e-mail us and we will get to work fixing the problem. We also monitor the PCs in your organization to identify problems before they begin to impact the end-user.
Printer Set-up & Configuration
Can’t print? Call Giga-Green. It’s that simple. Our technicians will help your users troubleshoot printer issues and connect to new printers when necessary. With the many makes, models, and updates to make sense of, printers can be a big challenge. However, we can make them easy for you! Need advanced print management? Ask us about Printix!
User Management
Once new employees have been enrolled through Giga-Green’s New Employee Concierge service, you don’t have to worry. We will manage them for you. We update group memberships, manage employee access to files, and, when necessary, remove users. With this service, your users have the tools they need, when they need them.
Windows 10 Administration & Patch Management
Troubleshooting desktop issues when they happen is necessary. However, it is always better to avoid problems through proper configuration and preventative maintenance. We keep your most viral programs up to date. As a result, issues are prevented before they get started. This is a critical element of IT security.
Office 365 Administration
If your organization has Office 365, we will administer your tenant and ensure that service is healthy and secure. For example, spam filtering and mail flows are always working behind the scenes. Thus, we will make them work for you by making sure you get the important data you need, and not the spam.
Productivity Tips and Best Practices
Does something feel more difficult than it should be? Ask us how we would do it! We often find innovative and simple solutions to everyday requests to streamline processes! Technology is supposed to make your life easier, not harder.

Datacenter Managed Services

Server Monitoring and Management
24/7 monitoring of your most critical systems is key to ensure minimal service interruptions, with proactive alerts to identify any undetected issues, gives you the piece of mind that devices are running smoothly.
Network Monitoring and Management
No business can operate without reliable and fast internet. To that end, we make sure users stay connected and on task.
Cloud Datacenter Administration
Datacenter managed services from Giga-Green don’t end at the cloud; we will manage your cloud VMs and related services as well.
Windows Updates & patching
We will keep your servers up to date and patched. Consequently, you can concentrate on getting work done securely and efficiently.

The Giga-Green Advantage

Giga-Green offers several key differentiators:

Giga-Green New Employee Concierge​

New employee onboarding accounts for a significant portion of the technical problems that an employee will encounter. Unfortunately, many managed IT providers handle new employee onboarding in a very ad hoc manner. Therefore, Giga-Green has identified new employee onboarding as a key differentiation of our services.

We make the process of onboarding new employees simple and easy while ensuring that your new employee has all of the tools and knowledge they need to get up and running fast!

Simply fill out the new employee onboarding form (or fill out a spreadsheet if you need to onboard multiple new employees) and we’ll take it from there. Our team will take the lead and create their e-mail, file sharing, and line-of-business accounts. Finally, we hold a meeting with each new employee to make sure that they know when and how to contact IT support, help them download and set up the Office Suite (if licensed), and show them how to access all of the files and line-of-business applications they need to do their job. As a result, your employees are off to a productive and successful start from day one!

National Coverage

Giga-Green has customers across the United States and can provide managed IT services anywhere in the continental United States. As such, we have locations in Fargo, ND; Minneapolis, MN; and Dallas, TX; as well as a network of technicians throughout the country.

Industry and Cross-industry Specific Best Practices

We work with various business verticals including education, commercial, health care, government entities, and the unsung nonprofit heroes. The common denominator across all lines of business is security. Ultimately, we’ve brought together secure and collaborative teams from across town to across the country.

Microsoft Product Support

Giga-Green is a Microsoft Gold Partner. As a result, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve all of your Microsoft needs!

Improved Security and Organizational Compliance

Giga-Green adheres to the highest level of security frameworks (ISO 27000 series). We reduce your cyber security exposure by advising on insecure processes. Consequently, we will make sure your data and processes are secure from the top to bottom.

Office 365
Office 365 is everywhere and part of any productive business solution. So, let us help you get the most out of the number one cloud platform available!
Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring and Management
Do you know where your data is? Moreover, do you know how to protect it? We can help you find and protect it all. As a result, we will put your workstations, mobile phones, Office 365, on-premises, and 3rd party applications all under one management environment.
SharePoint has positioned itself as the center of team collaboration. As a result, Giga-Green has implemented diverse solutions to bring together local and remote users! Examples include: public/private document storage, time-off and departmental calendars, and customized workflows to get the most out of SharePoint!
When you have managed IT from Giga-Green and Exchange licensing, the power of Exchange is at your finger tips. For example, we can set up advanced mailflow rules for your organization.

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