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Meet the new Microsoft education suite: Microsoft 365 Education

The Desktop Education platform got a makeover! It’s got a new name. It’s got a new (but not all that different) licensing structure. And it’s got way more “stuff.”

Meet the Microsoft 365 suite; Desktop Education‘s beefed-up successor. It’s been out for a little while, but Microsoft is really pushing it this year, with good reason! This isn’t just any old Microsoft name change. This is a truly upgraded suite, built to bring education into the modern era. This new suite is priced to match the Desktop EDU suite, but it packs a bigger, more sophisticated punch.

It comes with everything you know and love (Windows EDU, Office ProPlus, etc.), and then some. It includes the things that you’ve been asking for. Things like Azure Active Directory Premium for self-service password resets with on-prem write back, Intune for mobile device management, and student licenses to match (without the additional cost). Of course, in Microsoft fashion, there is more, but these are the base solutions that schools really need.

This is a big deal because it opens up a lot of premium security features that were cost-prohibitive in the past. We all know that security is a growing concern, and frankly, needs to be part of every organization’s IT plan moving forward. It is pretty exciting that Microsoft is making security and all-up modernization an accessible goal for everyone.

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-Bailey Stickney

Check out Microsoft’s blog post for the original announcement and more information.

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